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Melissa Schrock

Helping the people of Kenya and Uganda.

Working with The Reckoning International, Melissa Schrock teaches agricultural improvements to Kenyan and Ugandan farmers. She oversees a health and nutritional program, as well as small business loans and financial management training with a Biblical foundation through the The Reckoning International. Melissa was born and raised in Wayne County and has a graduate degree from Ohio State.

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Kyle and Anya Schlegel

Helping the people of Ukraine - YWAM KYIV

Latest Updates: Harvest Thrift Store has been sending aid to Ukraine through Spring Road Kyiv (https://www.springroadkyiv.org/) to help feed and shelter those who have remained in Ukraine during the war.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Ukraine, focuses its ministry efforts on Kyiv and Eurasia. We devote ourselves to preaching the Gospel, cultivating empowered and missions-minded Christ-followers and renewing the lives of the broken. 

Kyle and Anya are the directors of this YWAM base. Kyle was born and raised in Tuscarawas county. Click the link below for more information.


Helping the people of Nigeria

Glory to God Ministries helps care for widows, orphans, prisoners and sojourners in Nigeria, West Africa. GTGM ministers to orphaned children after they have been rescued from persecution by terrorist groups. With as many as 1,350 children living in their camp, the opportunities to have a positive influence on these young lives is far reaching. They also provide support for prison ministries and the Widows Sewing Center. 

Local - holmes county

Released Time Programs are a legal way for public school students to study the Bible devotionally during the school day. Students who wish to attend must have written parental permission. Classes are offered off campus and are privately funded. Nehemiah Released Time Bible Education Program is operating in Holmes County.


Student development nationwide

Anti-Virus Youth Education is a character-based school curriculum that focuses on youth organizations, schools, and families both nationally and internationally. Our primary target is working with students in middle and high school and we are currently serving over 10,000 students in Ohio alone. Anti-Virus Youth Education seeks to foster the potential of all children and to help them make positive and healthy choices that impact their future.

Brenner family Summer

Matt and Daniela Brenner

Helping the people of Brazil - Wycliffe bible translators

Matt and Daniela along with their twin boys Isaac and Tiago are missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Their desire is to see people from every nation come to the knowledge of the one true living God by having the Bible translated into a language and form they clearly understand. They are serving in Brazil where Matt works in Scripture Engagement. Daniela is the Communication Coordinator for the Americas. Both Matt and Daniela have a passion for the Scriptures and for people. Matt was raised in Wayne County, while Daniela is from Brazil.

Emili Hochstetler

Toward the Goal Ministries

The mission of Toward the Goal is to serve and empower by intentionally investing in the lives of people through coaching, mentoring, and servant leadership training. Emili is the Director of Community Outreach for our area. She reaches out to teen girls, at-risk women, and many more. As well as developing relationships, she also is leading an initiative to bring awareness to our community on the issues of human trafficking. Emili and her husband are raising their 3 girls in our community.

Valik Tihonov

YWAM Kyiv in Ukraine

Valik came to YWAM Kyiv through an outreach at the orphanage where he was raised. Through his encounter with a loving God, he dedicated his life to serving Him. He has overcome many obstacles in life. He is a testimony of God’s faithfulness as he serves in the Preschool and Kindergarten classes at the school that is run on the YWAM Kyiv base for Ukrainian children. Valik also helps with maintenance and repairs at the base.

Outreach Nepal, Mumbai Project

Helping the people of india

Outreach Nepal helps rescue sex-trafficked women and children from the red light district in Mumbai, India. They are developing relationships with prostitutes and offering a way out. They are reaching out to the people in the slum district in Mumbai, as well.



58:12 Global

Local Home for vulnerable women and children

Global has a local safe house for vulnerable women and children in Holmes and Wayne County. They also have outreaches in Thailand and Haiti. 58:12 Global is a faith-based, non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide rescue, shelter, and hope to vulnerable women and children. Individuals who come to any of our 58:12 Global homes are welcomed into a safe and loving environment that is designed to help them receive support and healing. https://www.5812global.org/

Pilgrim Hills

Local Mentoring Ministry based in Brinkhaven

Pilgrim Hills Mentoring is a faith based mentoring facility that exists as an arm of the church to provide healing for youth, couples and families through Jesus Christ. Their vision is to care for the heart with Biblical-based discipleship. Mentors compassionately shepherd individuals toward healing, accountability and freedom from emotional pain bringing restoration with families and our Heavenly Father to experience the abundant life through Christ.

Kilimo Timilifu, Center for Poverty Reduction

Helping the people of Tanzania

KILIMO TIMILIFU IS EMPOWERING WHOLE FAMILIES THROUGH SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE THROUGH Sustainable Business, Community Engagement, and Internship Programs. Their mission is To train Tanzanians in agricultural entrepreneurship and community outreach so that they are equipped to be successful, self-supporting farmers, sharing their knowledge to reduce poverty among communities along the coast of Tanzania and beyond. https://kttz.co.tz/

Send 56

Located in africa

We exist to send 10,000 missionaries to reach the approximately 900 unreached people groups in Africa with the Gospel. We serve the African missions movement by discipling and mobilizing a new generation of native African missionaries to love Jesus, fulfill the Great Commission, and usher in the return of the Lord. https://send56.org/

John & Carol Berthelette

Wycliffe, Central African Republic

John and Carol Berthelette are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators, and work with its partners SIL and ACATBA in the Central African Republic. Their goal: to make God’s Word available to people in a language they understand well and a format – mainly print or audio – they can use easily.

Carol is a translation consultant. Her main responsibility is to help translators make sure that their draft of Scripture is faithful to the original and sounds natural to local speakers. For example, she checks that translators haven’t added to or left off bits from the source text. She also checks that the meaning of the source text comes through the translation in a clear way.

John’s main role is the coordinator for the linguistics department of SIL CAR. Among other things, the department’s linguists help local speakers develop alphabets and other writing conventions that are easy to use, help make sure that translated Scripture sounds natural, and develop language-related tools like dictionaries and grammar.

Mexican Missions

They support approximately 38 churches in Mexico that were established in the 1960’s by Milo and Kathryn Miller.  They also distribute food for the needy, medicine for the sick, tools for evangelizing and seminars, materials for church building repairs, funds to repair vehicles that transport people to church and spread the Gospel to so many hurting people on the border and interior of Mexico.